Lutheran Development Group formed in response to the needs of communities around urban Lutheran churches in St. Louis, MO.  

Years of disinvestment left many City of St. Louis communities unbalanced.  Caring neighbors live alongside episodes of crime.  Beautiful homes stand near vacant buildings.  Once vibrant storefronts stand shuttered along with the jobs they once provided.  Children walk past all of this on their way to school.  How can we show God's love to our neighbors in these communities? 

LDG started as an idea in 2013, as a way to connect the resources of Lutheran congregations and organizations with the needs of their neighborhoods.

Messiah Lutheran provided a jumping off point for what would soon become LDG with the East Fox Homes affordable housing development.  Messiah combined their resources with the expertise of others to meet the need for affordable housing in their community.

Lutheran Development Group, a Registered Service Organization of the LCMS, now works to provide churches with the capacity and knowledge to invest in and have a meaningful impact on their neighborhoods.

We focus on real estate development, community service, and church engagement.

We believe that comprehensive revitalization is beyond the ability of any one organization, but not beyond organizations and community working together.

Those who sign on and depart the system of anxious scarcity become the history makers in the neighborhood.
— Walter Brueggemann, Journey to the Common Good