Lutheran Development Group strengthens communities near our city's churches through real estate development, community initiatives, ministry investment, and church engagement.

We at LDG aren't theologians, so we're grateful that Jesus gave us a straightforward commandment to follow: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.  

At LDG, faith compels us to ask, "Who is my neighbor?"  We live in a time when many of us can choose our neighbors. Acting with the best of intentions to provide better opportunities for us and our families can leave us isolated from our neighbors of greatest need, making resources many of us take for granted, harder for these neighbors to access.

We love our neighbor by working for:

  • Safe housing for all

  • Access to meaningful work

  • Quality education

  • Youth jobs and leadership development

  • Communities of opportunity

  • Churches that are connected to and engaged with their neighborhoods

We conclude, therefore that a Christian lives not in himself, but in Christ and in his neighbor. Otherwise he is not a Christian. He lives in Christ through faith, in his neighbor through love.
— Martin Luther, On Christian Liberty